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Not even a week in and I've already started slacking. I have lots to tell!

Let's start with Saturday after I had two uninvited men in my apartment. Sonja and I went for a walk around Sugarloaf that afternoon with Marzipan - her 145 pound Perimese (sp?) and her Uncle's ramboncious dog whom she was dogsitting for the weekend. The sky was clear when we started out and my arm was nearly ripped from it's socket when her Uncle dog's took off running after a rabbit it spotted on the trail. 10 minutes into our walk it started to downpour and thunder to boot. We were instantly soaked and decided to continue on with our walk. My car's already unique aroma has now been intensified by two smelly wet dogs riding home in my backseat.

Saturday night I went over to Val's in Charlo for a girl's predrink party before we went out to the Street Fest in downtown Campbellton. One of the girls whom I hadn't meet before is 28 and has 3 kids already. She was a real sweetheart but I felt bad for her after she said "I forget how to have fun." The father of two of her children (who is only 23) called her repeatedly while we were visiting because he wanted someone to drive him to the Liquor store before it closed - even though he was supposed to be watching their kids (he lives with his parents and  they ended up doing it)- now there's a keeper. I was the designated driver for the evening and didn't offer to drive his sorry ass there, even after he had called 4 times. Shortly after the fourth call from Prince Charming we see a four wheeler barrelling down the street in front of Val's with a police car in hot pursuit. Prince Charming had decided to take matters into his own hands and drive to the Liquor Store on his fourwheeler. He ended up hiding in the woods until the police car left. When we were getting ready to leave he called again to ask for a drive, at which point I had to agree because there was an extra seat. I drove to pick him up and he jumped into my backseat with an open beer and a sixpack. He actually had the nerve to argue with me when I told him to dump the beer. Asshole.

Anyway - we made it to Street Fest and they had the entire downtown barricaded off and bands in all the bars and things going on in the street. We went to the Flagship where there was a young band playing surprisingly well-down RHCP covers. One thing I've noticed about going out here is that girls travel in packs. If one girl has to go get a drink then we ALL go to the bar. If one girl has to go pee then we ALL go to the bathroom. After following around our five-pack-fairly-intoxicated conga line for an hour I called it quits and went home.

Sunday was the Salmon Festival parade. I had to go in early in the morning to decorate the Bibliobus and the sun was shining and it was really hot so of course I got a sunburn. Roger, the Bibliobus driver turned out to be perfectionist when it came to streamer twisting and balloon placement so the job took twice the time it should have. We looked like amateurs compared to other floats preparing around us who had crews of 20 people drilling and hammering in synchronized rhythm. There were over 130 entries in the parade which I found crazy - they take their salmon very seriously around here!
Everyone from the libraries showed up and we took some great pictures ... there's one of me and the Big Bad Wolf which I am looking forward to seeing and will pass on to my dear friends. In front of us were a really awesome swing band (with some cute musicians!) so that was fun to walk along to. About 30 minutes into the parade it started  drizzling and I thought "no problem - hurray for my little red hood!" but then it started pouring - and my hood was no match for the rain. The parade route took 2 1/2 hours and we waved and smiled bravely while trying to hold out our wet clingy clothes from our bodies. Poor Sylvie (who is at least 50 and pretty reserved) was dressed as Dorothy and her white blouse was completely transparent and she ended up hiding in the Bibliobus, mortified.

I was pretty cranky yesterday after not getting much me-time this weekend and people gave me a pretty wide berth at the Library. Today I got to sleep in since I was working the evening shift and my mood improved immensely. Second Storytent session today and the weather was beautiful. We had 11 kids come out and several of them said they had seen me in the parade and hoped I had stayed away from the big bad wolf which made me laugh. I ended up getting sunburned (again!) so now I'm a zebra-lobster (red stripes down the front of my legs, the back of my calfs and my arms. Awesome.

In other exciting news - the reason I haven't been posting on LJ is because I've been so damn busy responding to people on Plenty of Fish. A couple of creepos (including a gross 40 year-old who listed "Nymphos" as one of his interests), but I am happy to report that I've also recieved some well-written, humorous endearing messages as well. Had to reintroduce myself to MSN after being asked several times for it - apparently this is second-base for online dating. My favorite right now is a helicopter technician who loves to cook (fingers crossed he can cook half as good as Daryl). We've chatted back and forth quite a bit and he seems really sweet. He's 28, Francophone/bilingual and his job requires him to travel alot (he listed Turkey and Paris as his favorites) and he works 3 weeks on and 3 weeks off. He's coming home this weekend for his break and  HE ASKED ME ON A DATE  to his favorite coffee shop :)  wheee!  Now of course I am freaking out and have a million insane things running through my head including: What if his profile lied and he's a midget? What should I wear? What if we have nothing to talk about? Oh god-please don't let me accidentally snort. Will my zebra-strips still be visible?

Kathleen, Laura and Chelsea are making the long journey up to visit me this weekend! I'm extremely excited to have some visitors! The cuteness of my apartment needs to be appreciated and I just bought a new blender so we're going to be drinking some delicious daquiris and margaritas :) Hopefully the week will go by fast!


Proof that Nagging Works


After a brief encounter during my undergrad I'm back on LJ after two months of relentless harrassment from my dear cousin Lesley and harrassment-once-removed from Jourdan (passed along through Lesley: "Jourdan says you should get a LJ. Now!"). According to Lesley "these are the times you'll want to remember and look back on," and it pains me to admit it but perhaps she's right with all the recent changes I've gone through. So, Jourdan and Lesley, this first post is dedicated to you. Now get off my damn back already! :)

My last two months in a nutshell:

  • Graduated from school and am a student no longer
  • Moved to a small remote town to work in a public library
  • Am trying to learn French  << Parlez-vous francais? Non. But I can smile and nod and look pretty, does that count? >>
  • Moved into a cute apartment with an overbearing, motherly landlady below who schooled me on my lack of clothesline hanging skills
  • Developed a massive crush on a cute coworker (fine arts student - hubba hubba - only here for the summer)
  • Forced to go in a parade this weekend  in front of the whole town dressed as Little Red Riding Hood in an extremely unflattering costume complete with elastic band skirt, bloomers, rented red and white striped socks (eew) and polyster red cape
  • Coworker crush is going dressed as the Big Bad Wolf (wheeeee!)
  • After two months of dancing around it I finally put up a profile on Plenty of Fish....which I'm sure will bring me lots of awkward, funny stories to share
  • Drank waaay too much and became a vampire for an evening

I'm tuckered out from all my recent online activity between setting up this and Plenty of Fish so that's it for me. Time for some Heroes action - I love Hiro! 




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